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Registering as a citizen

Empadronamiento – Census

Registration in the Benahavis Census ( Empadronamiento )
Spanish Residence

The Empadronamiento is the process of registering with the town hall as a resident of Benahavís. The process is straightforward and does not require you to become a resident in Spain. There is no charge, the information is confidential and there are no tax implications involved. Through registering, you will have (if you are a citizen of the European Union), among other advantages, the right to vote in local and European elections.
It is also important for everyone to register in order that Benahavís receives the correct amount of funds to run, maintain and improve the infrastructure, as the funding increase and government help are directly related to the number of registered voters. It is in the community’s best interest that central government funding is at a level which reflects the growing population of Benahavís, as these increased resources will be available to improve medical, postal, sports and other facilities.
In addition, being a registered citizen of Benahavís, you can enjoy all the facilities offered by our town hall, such as special rates for practising sports, sponsored trips for kids and adults, free text books, etc.

An easy procedure

Where – Print out the forms below and drop it of at the Town Hall or go to the Ayuntamiento (town hall), Plaza Castillo in Benahavís.
When – 9am till 2pm Monday to Friday
Please bring – do not forget to bring the following documents:
1.- The original document (to be copied) identifying the applicants such as NIE, passport or residents card.
2.- The original document (to be copied) identifying the property such as the Escritura (title deeds) or a utility bill (water, electricity or telephone)

In addition for a rented property – the rental agreement (to be copied)
For non-EU citizens, you’ll have to renew every TWO years.

Application form to request the registration in the Municipal Roll of Inhabitants of Benahavis. You can just print this out and take it to the townhall.

Printable Documents (in Spanish):

Registration form

    Rules and instructions

Handy translations for filling in the form

Apellido : surname
Nombre : first name
Fecha de nacimiento : date of birth
Municipio o pais de nacimiento : country where you were born
Who can request it?

Any citizen who resides within Benahavis’s municipal term. If throughout the year that person also resides within any other municipality, he shall be registered wherever he resides for a longer period of time during that year.

– Registration form, filled in and signed.
– Document acknowledging the identity of people who are registering:

a) For Spanish nationals or citizens coming from the European Union, they must enclose one of the following documents:
–  DNI or National Document of Identification from the country of origin.
–  Passport in force.
–  Foreigner card in force.
–  Driver’s License.
–  Family book if under 15 years old.

b) For the rest of citizens coming from abroad (including minors):
– Valid Passport
– Valid Foreigner Card

If there is already somebody registered in that housing, it is enough with the signature on the registration leaf of a person of age who is already registered in it, as well as a photocopy of his identity card; otherwise, please enclose any of the following documents that acknowledge the occupation of the housing:

a) If the housing is owned by any of the people who are registering they must enclose any of the following documents:
– Title deed of the house or Property Tax receipt addressed to one of the persons who are registering.
– A contract with a supply company (Endesa, Emasa, Gas natural, Telefónica o Aunacable) in which that person figures as the owner and the house that is object of the registration as the address object of the supply services. If the contract is not up to date, then you must present a recent bill.

b) If the house is rented:
– Tenancy agreement.
– Photocopy of landlord’s DNI (National Document of Identity) if he is a natural person or CIF (Fiscal Identification Code) if the landlord is a corporate body.
– If the landlord is not one of the persons who are going to register, it must also be enclosed a declaration where the landlord authorizes the register, as well as a photocopy of his IdentityCard.

c) Otherwise:
– A declaration of the owner of the house authorizing the residence and the registration of the people who are about to register.
– Photocopy of the owner’s Identity Card.
– Any documents marked in paragraph “a”, acknowledging the ownership of the house.

d) Receipts from Banks, mobiles, Digital TV or similar are not valid.

Under aged registration

– Declaration of the two parents authorizing the registration of the under aged person.
– Photocopy of the parent’s identification card.
– In case of separation or divorce, document that acknowledges the protection and custody in favour of one of the spouses.

In case of rectification or documents update, a document acknowledgement of the right information.

Together with the form you must also attach photocopies of the required documents.

Procedure :

At any time, at the townhall, groundfloor.
Once the documentation has been verified the information will be introduced into the Municipal Roll of Inhabitants.
The presentation of the completed document at your Town Hall implies your consent to update the Electoral Census according to the information provided.

Town Hall

Town Hall

The new Benahavis town hall is 500 meter from the village centre on the Avenida de Andalucia, the road leading into the village. Usage of English is seriously limited, even with over half of the inhabitants being foreigners, so it is a wise move to take a translator if your Spanish is not as good as you want it to be.

Opening hours : 08.30-14.00
Tel : 952 855 525

Benahavis Town Hall
Benahavis Town Hall

Please ensure that all your Ayuntamiento bills such as IBI, water and waste tax are paid up to date. This can be checked in the office on the ground floor of the Ayuntamiento.

Marbella Club Golf Resort

Marbella Club Golf Resort

This golf course combines all the conditions required by professionals and amateurs alike in order to play at the highest level. An exceptional location. A course closer to the ones you find in the States, and at least as good. Perfect greens and fairways.

Benahavis : Marbella Club Golf Resort
Benahavis : Marbella Club Golf Resort

Getting there
In Cancelada, between San Pedro de Alcantara and Estepona, cross the town, and a track will lead you past the Marbella Club golf resort.

On the Benahavis road, take the road opposite the bridge over the Guadalmina river, the course is at the end of the road on your right.

Los Flamingos Golf

Los Flamingos Golf

Set in beautiful natural surroundings, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, where playing golf once again becomes a unique experience, Flamingos Golf Club offers an exquisite atmosphere, the most advanced facilities and a personalised service that allows you to enjoy and appreciate every little detail.
In its short history, Flamingos Golf Club has already attained well-deserved international renown for the high level of quality it offers and for having been, for three consecutive years, the venue for the European Senior  Final, ‘The Daily Telegraph European Seniors´ and the “Match Play Championship’.

Los Flamingos Golf Benahavis
Los Flamingos Golf Benahavis

The club currently has three courses, ‘Flamingos Golf’, ‘Alferini Golf’ and ‘Tramores Golf’, the last being a par63, but the other two are best suited for long hitters, having respective lenghts of 5714 and 6641 metres.
The Resort´s crowning glory is its prestigious 6-star Hotel Villa Padierna.

Getting there
Between San Pedro de Alcantara and Estepona, take the Cancelada exit, and go right up past the row of townhouses. The golfcourse is about 1500 mts away.

Los Arqueros Golf

Los Arqueros Golf


Los Arqueros, the first golf course designed by Severiano Ballesteros on the Costa del Sol, is located in Benahavis and only 5 km from the village centre by the new bridge over the Guadalmina river. Approximately 5 Kilometres from San Pedro de Alcantara on the Ronda road. Los Arqueros is a challenging course which will be enjoyed by all players, from the lowest to the highest handicaps. The variation in its holes and the magnificent views of the sea and the mountains, will make your visit to Los Arqueros an unforgettable experience. In my personal opinion the most difficult course in Benahavis.

Los Arqueros Golf Benahavis
Los Arqueros Golf Benahavis

Getting there
From San Pedro de Alcantara approximately 5 Kilometres on the Ronda road.
From Benahavis take the new bridge over the Guadalmina river and then left at the first roundabout.

La Zagaleta

La Zagaleta Golf & Country Club

These  two golf courses, designed by the American Bradford Benz, offer golfers splendid views over Gibraltar.  This is probably Europe’s answer to Augusta, as play is limited to members and their guests.

Golf in Benahavis : La Zagaleta
Golf in Benahavis : La Zagaleta

Located in a fabulous resort of almost 900 hectares, at the start of the road from Marbella to Ronda, La Zagaleta Country Club is one of the most exclusive in Europe. The surroundings of the golf course are second-to-none, as the fairways are set in a nature reserve which is home to numerous species of autochtonous flora and fauna.
The Club is strictly private, for the use of members and their guests. As well as the golf course and other sporting facilities, La Zagaleta has a 24-hour security service, a heliport, three fishing lakes, hiking tracks, riding stables and a magnificent Club House.

Getting there
From San Pedro de Alcantara, the entrance is approximately 5 Kilometres on the Ronda road on your left.

La Quinta Golf

La Quinta Golf


Situated in the “Golf Valley”, the Club commands fine views of the mountains and the Marbella coastline. It consists of three combinable courses. Although apparently easy, the courses are in fact very demanding, due to the design of the fairways and the excellent quality of the greens.

Golf in Benahavis :: La Quinta Golf
Golf in Benahavis :: La Quinta Golf

Getting there
From San Pedro de Alcantara approximately 2 Kilometres on the Ronda road, you’ll see the signs at the roundabout, on your right.

El Paraiso Golf

El Paraiso Golf


Designed in 1973 by Gary Player, El Paraiso is one of the most established courses on the Costa del Sol.

El Paraiso is built only partly on Benahavis territory, the rest is on Estepona soil.

Golf in Benahavis : El Paraiso Golf
Golf in Benahavis : El Paraiso Golf

Situated 14 km. from Marbella in a valley surrounded by hills with magnificent views of the coast. El Paraiso was carefully designed to achieve a peaceful atmosphere thanks to an abundance of trees and plants and strategically positioned lakes and bunkers. Competitions are held weekly.

Getting there
Between San Pedro de Alcantara and Cancelada, in direction Estepona, take the Hotel and Golf El Paraiso exit, just before Cancelada.

El Higueral Golf

El Higueral Golf

El Higueral is part of the Marbella Club Golf Resort. A beautiful 9 hole golf course built around a group of appartments, along the Guadalmina river. It is one of the walkable courses on the Benahavis territory, which does not mean it is an easy course as there is quite a bit of water, plenty of trees and canyons on one side.

Golf in Benahavis : El Higueral Golf
Golf in Benahavis : El Higueral Golf

Very reasonable prices, but no clubhouse as such, although this will change as plans are to add another 9 holes plus extra facilities.

Getting there

It is on the road to Benahavis, just across the bridge halfway.

Benahavis Golf Club

Benahavis Golf Club

The Benahavis Golf Club was founded in 1991, aiming to get people from Benahavis to play at the local golf courses at a reasonable price.  Over these years, quite some improvements have been made, so now the village has its own driving range and regular tournaments ( even on exclusive courses like La Zagaleta ) on the golf courses of the Benahavis territory.
Membership is only available  to people living on Benahavis and surrounding villages territory, and there is a maximum of 120 members.

In addition the club now requires the following details for every member :
A  photocopy of NIE or passport
Proof of empadronamiento (registration) at the town hall
Telephone number
E-mail address
Spanish Golf Federation licence number, this is required for insurance and handicap purposes. If not in receipt of this we shall provide the necessary forms.
Your current handicap and certificate if available.
The president of the Benahavis Golf Club is Chico Sr. from the equally named bar “El Chico”. You can get more information there.

Golf in Benahavis : Benahavis GC HQ
Golf in Benahavis : Benahavis GC HQ