News about Benahavis


On Sunday May, 28th, Benahavis (and the rest of Spain) celebrates its local elections. You have to be registered in the village and figure on the voting lists to participate.


On May, 14th, Benahavis hosts the 4th leg of the Spanish championship Trial. The most probable location is close to the municipal swimming pool. Start is at 8.00 in the morning.


After 2 years of asking the Benahavis town hall for a petanque pitch, we are not getting closer to having one, despite all town hall counsellors garanteeing it would be done. There are about 12 players who used the parking space by the sports facilities but then someone decided the parking had to be asphalted, leaving us with no room to play. As seen in neighboring villages who did install several pitches, petanque is hugely demanded for, but apparently that is not important to the people in the Ivory Tower (town hall), so we will probably have to go and play in San Pedro. This is the richest village in Andalusia and the cost price for a petanque court is about 3.000€, but if the town hall does not listen to its inhabitants, we won’t get any of the facilities we ask for, although it hardly costs anything, just some work by the persons in charge. But that is obviously asking too much!


The office of Guadalinfo (located in C/Montemayor, up the hill next to restaurante Rufino, or up the stairs from pizzeria Canela) is subsidized by the Andalusian government, who pays for the computers, the software and the salary of the person who is in charge. It can be used by everyone who stays in the village, and you can print out a boarding card or another official document, or ask for help with your electronic signature (which is used in e-mails that need authentication). It is basically a place with public access to the internet.
This service is in place in every village in Andalusia with less than 20.000 inhabitants and works fine everywhere, except in Benahavis.
Sadly, the town hall does not think this service necessary, as they do not seem to want to give the person in charge a work contract, and the premises have been without using since the beginning of the year. This is the second year running this happens and one really wonders where the money from Andalusia is going to. In the best of cases it has to be returned to the Junta and then one wonders why the town hall does not want such a service, in another scenario somebody is pocketing the money illegally.
So maybe someone is getting paid for work that is not happening!!

All you need to know about the municipality of Benahavis