Restaurants in Benahavis

Tapas : Spanish ham
Tapas : Spanish ham

Eating and drinking are important social happenings in Spain and you will find a very enjoyable atmosphere in the restaurants in Benahavis. Benahavis is called the dining room of the Costa del Sol, and for a good reason. The village centre is literally full of them. Most serve typically Spanish cuisine, although you will also find Italian food and more elaborate Spanish and French cuisine.
All restaurants will offer you a very good value for money, and really large portions. It is probably the reason they all do well.

Spanish Wines : different Sherries
Spanish Wines : different Sherries

Although all restaurants have an English menu, here are some handy translations.

Bacalao : Cod
Boquerones : Anchovies
Calamar : Squid
Cerdo : Pork
Chuletas : Chops
Cordero : Lamb
Lubina : Sea Bass
Mariscos : Seafood
Merluza : Hake
Pato : Duck
Pollo [ poio ] : Chicken
Pulpo : Octopus
Rape : Monkfish
Revuelto : Scrambled Eggs
Rosada : Atlantic white fish, not to confound with Rosado, which is Rosé wine
Solomillo [ solomio ] : Fillet Steak
Ternera : Beef
Tortilla : Omelet

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