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Things to Do in Benahavis

Benahavis village
Benahavis village

Things to Do in Benahavis

Benahavis offers you a lot of opportunities to practice your favorite sport.
Besides the variety of golf courses, here are a few other suggestions. If you like walking the spectacular mountainside, just take whichever dirt track, you will come across some magnificent views, of which the most stunning are the ones at Montemayor Castle, or the ruins of it, where you can see the whole coastline from Marbella to Gibraltar.

Montemayor Castle, Benahavis
Montemayor Castle, Benahavis

And if your thing is free climbing, the “Las Angosturas” gorge at the entrance of the village has more than 60 climbing routes where you can hook up.
Close to the river and next to the Gran Hotel Benahavis you’ll find  the multisports complex of Benahavis, with a swimming pool, tennis and paddle tennis courts, the municipal gym and an exquisite football pitch. These are open all year except the swimming pool which opens from the middle of June until September. The golf driving range is just next to it.
At the entrance of the village on your left, you’ll see the roof of the sports pavilion for all indoor sports, primarily basketball.
And I could not write these lines without mentioning the golf courses on Benahavis territory.
The road up to Benahavis is well used stretch for fans of cycling, as is the Ronda road for the real enthusiasts, and there is plenty of mountain biking to do all around the area.

Municipal Premises

Municipal Swimming Pool – Open from the middle of June to the middle of September 12:00hrs till 20:00hrs. Swimming classes for adults and juniors normally available during the month of July. (Register at the town hall).
Gymnasium and Aerobics – Opening hours Monday to Friday 10:00hrs – 13:30hrs and 17:00hrs – 21:30hrs.
Golf Driving Range – Open all year round
Summer 10:00hrs – 14:00hrs / 17:00hrs – 20:00hrs.
Winter 10:00hrs – 14:00hrs / 16:00hrs – 18:30hrs.
Appropriate attire required. Children’s golf classes available during the winter, please enquire at the town hall.
Tennis and Padel – Open all year. Children’s lessons during the winter, please inquire at the town hall.

Yearly events

Equestrianism – “Andalucian Show Jumping Championships” – Annually at the beginning of September at the Marbella Club.
Motors, trials – Benahavis leg of the Andalucian championships held in June annually.

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